How to install driver & configure Virtual Machine with Beini

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Step 1:Install Virtual Machine
Virtual Machine is software enable you to create a virtual OS in windows.
It’s convenient for always travel and those who can't boot Back Track properly, due to their display card not supported.
Virtual Machine

* First install the Virtual Machine
* You can download Virtual Machine from:

Step 2: Configure Virtual Machine
Please follow below picture and numbering in red color. Explore Step 3 and copy Dictionary & beini.iso into My Document or Desktop in your PC/Laptop.

Start Virtual Machine software.

Once click finish, Virtual Machine will start loading. Click OK when below message prompt out.

Now need to ensure USB WiFi Adapter connect to Virtual Machine, not to windows.
Go to VM -> Removable Devices -> Realtek RT8187 -> Select Connect.

When below message prompted, click OK.

Now can check whether USB WiFi Adapter have connected to Virtual Machine.

Linux OS have been start. You can start to crack the password
**Note: Press CTRL + ALT to release your mouse from VMware.

You can close Virtual Machine as below.


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